The Center for Democracy & Technology 2018

The Center for Democracy & Technology hosted a conversation about design and technology with Northeastern University Professor of Law and Computer Science Woodrow Hartzog, who introduced his new book, "Privacy’s Blueprint: The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies."

Open data institute 2016

The failure of anonymisation has led to a narrative in the debate over privacy and open data that sometimes pits these two values against each other, as though privacy and openness are inherently in conflict. In this talk, Woodrow Hartzog will argue that in order to reconcile this perceived tension, we must better define the notions of both ‘open data’ and ‘privacy in datasets’ in our law and policy to accommodate reasonable risk management techniques. 

IAPP Navigate 2013

At the IAPP's Navigate event, Woodrow Hartzog, Assistant Professor, Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, talks about the term "privacy" and how it has begun to lose all meaning as an effective term to guide privacy. The law is terrible, he argues, about understanding what people's expectations of privacy are, even as they ostensibly make something public. 


Life Inside a Skinner Box: Confronting our Future of Automated Law Enforcement. Presented with Lisa Shay Ass't Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, West Point and Greg Conti Director, Cyber Research Center, West Point